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CSOS Online Ordering

CSOS Online Ordering

US Compounding now offers a Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS).  This allows for electronic submission of controlled substance ordering.  A CSOS certificate is the digital equivalent of a DEA Form-222.  CSOS Certificates are issued to individuals and are required for electronic ordering of Schedule I and II controlled substances.

  • Electronic ordering of Schedule I and II controlled substances
    • Replacement for DEA Form-222
  • Accurate Verification
    • Validation of a purchaser's DEA credentials
  • Order Efficiency
    • Lower cost per transaction
    • Faster transaction times
    • Reduction in errors
    • No limit on line items


Register with the DEA to acquire a CSOS digital certificate at www.deaecom.gov

The process takes about 4 to 6 weeks. Upon receipt and installation of your DEA purchasing certificate visit www.express222.com or follow the links below.

Step 1. Test My Certificate (This will help to reduce programming or certificate errors when ordering.)

Step 2. Send Me a Test Email (This will ensure Express 222 has the correct email address.)

Step 3. Call US Compounding to become a trading partner 800.718.3588

Step 4. Place a 222 Order

Step by Step CSOS Tutorial.pdf