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Veterinary Medicine

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US Compounding - Veterinary Pharmacy

US Compounding is a PCAB Accredited™, compounding-only pharmacy long trusted to provide the highest quality compounded medications to patients, physician clinics, hospitals, and surgery centers throughout the United States. A natural business progression has been into the veterinary compounding world, where our high standards for quality and ethics create an ideal opportunity for providing specialized veterinary services.

Our veterinary “patients” include all species: thoroughbred racehorses, dogs and cats, and even monkeys, rats, and elephants. Our staff is highly trained in the special needs of veterinary clients and their veterinarians and owners. Whitney Holland, PharmD and Sara Danchenko, PharmD , are US Compounding’s veterinary compounding specialists.

Let us work to improve your animal’s health and level of care by providing the highest quality compounds with personal, professional service.